The moment that changed Picasso

BBC | Alastair Sooke:

One day in June 1906, Pablo Picasso arrived in the ancient Catalan village of Gosol, high in the Pyrenees. A friend had tipped him off about this “magnificent” mountain refuge, which was notorious for its smugglers. Intrigued, he had persuaded his mistress, the chic, auburn-haired former artist’s model Fernande Olivier, who had a penchant for French perfume, to go with him on the arduous journey to Gosol from Barcelona, where they had spent a happy couple of weeks catching up with Picasso’s old friends after travelling to the city by train from Paris… Read more

Image: Picasso persuaded his mistress, Fernande Olivier, who featured in many of his paintings including les Demoiselles d’Avignon, to go with him (Credit: Wikipedia)