Murray fights back, with his gloves on

ioL News | Marry Corrigall:


Johannesburg – During the backlash against Brett Murray’s derisive portrait of President Jacob Zuma, the infamous The Spear, many wondered whether Murray would continue producing art, or art with a political bent. 


Would he presume to depict the president in an artwork again? This question is cheekily referred to in the title of his first solo exhibition since the debacle over The Spear. Titled Again Again, the show opened on Saturday at the Goodman Gallery in Cape Town.

The art featured in the exhibition made clear that Murray will remain active and persist in satirising and critiquing the president and the political status quo.

There was also a bitter if not angry edge to the show, perhaps born from the manner in which the government may have bullied him and the gallery representing his work in 2012 when The Spear caused a national furore…


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