Mute Wisdom – A Unique wood sculpture exhibition at the V&A waterfront
A solo by Andries Visser and guest artist Gordon Froud

Andries Visser, The Girl Behind the Window, 2020, Birchwood, 630 x 500 x 270 mm

The definition of MUTE as an adjective means to refrain from speech or to be temporarily speechless. As a verb it means deaden, muffle or to soften the sound.

The definition of W!SDOM simply put is to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight.

Sculptures are “mute“ but their messages are heard out loud when they trigger emotions, associations and feelings.

“ With our upcoming exhibition, we aim to have pieces that do just that. Silently trigger feelings, emotions, renders you speechless and makes you contemplate their underlying messages.” ~ Philippa Taylor (Art Curator)

Growing up in Namibia in a family where creativity was prevalent and valued but never considered as a viable career option, Andries opted to study law at the University of The Free State in South Africa and subsequently, embarked on a successful 20-year corporate career.

However, he knew for quite some time that his purpose was never going to be fulfilled in this work. A corporate restructure presented the opportunity for Andries to leave and entirely focus on his passion for wood and sculpting. With no art education, there was some trial and error before the picture in his head was truthfully represented by their physical manifestation.

Andries Visser, The Ballerina, 2020, Engineered Birchwood, 200x110x83 cm

Art@Africa asked Andries to give some personal insights into why he does what he does.

What are your current themes and conceptual focus of your work?
I am enthralled by the human form and the expression of passion, emotion, and storytelling through movement. He is passionate about the environment and the unrequited responsibility to leave a robust environmental legacy

How do you put this into practice?
I use only engineered wood from sustainable sources or reclaimed wood for his sculptures.

The exhibition
This is your first Solo Exhibition – how do you feel about it?
I am proud to be represented by Art@Africa. It is great to be part of a creative team when it comes to presenting the works and letting the world know about my work and passion. Being exhibited together with Gordon Froud is a great honour for me, as Gordon is an Art Institute in our country.

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