Nazi-looted art rescued by US ‘Monuments Men’ ‘sold for profit’

The Telegraph | 

Nazi-looted art rescued by the US military’s “Monuments Men” was not returned to its rightful Jewish owners at the end of the war but sold for profit by the Bavarian authorities, according to explosive new claims. Thousands of works of art looted by the Nazis were recovered by American forces and entrusted to the Bavarian state government in 1949. But instead of returning the works to their rightful owners, the Bavarian authorities kept several to display in government buildings and sold others at auction, according to a report in Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper… Read more

Image: The US military’s ‘Monuments Men’, a unit of art historians which served with front line troops, were tasked with saving Europe’s cultural heritage during World War Two CREDIT: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION