By Janet Botes

What would you say? What would you suggest, what would you offer as an activity? Would you want to collaborate and contribute? Or just join in and focus on your own growth, creativity and nourishment? What would you want to eat? What would you want to do? Would you want to share and talk to others, or stay in silence and contemplation?

I am going to offer creative retreats in the future, but I want to hear what YOU want from a retreat. And I am looking for collaborators.

My aims

I aim to facilitate an experience, and hold space for, participants and fascilitators to connect with their own inherent creativity and to connect deeply with ecology / their environment / ‘nature’.

This is a great opportunity to co-create, to collaborate and to create something new together. I am open to different possibilities & I am open to learn and grow!

So I want YOUR feedback, ideas, expectations, offerings and opinions! Connect with me via email, whatsapp/sms/phone (0723315057), facebook or other social platforms, or in person. I look forward to hear your thoughts!!

Upcoming workshops

Watercolour and ink abstract art workshop

There’s still space for Wednesday’s workshop 9am – 1pm in Wilderness Heights, Wilderness (George).
R450 materials included / R250 bring your own materials.
Facebook event page >>

Outdoor art-making sessions

Land Art / Plein Air art / beach mandalas
19 Jan / 16 March / 25 May
Early mornings (7-10am), very weather dependent, a different location every time.
Garden Route area: Sedgefield, Wilderness, Victoria Bay
More info >>

Earth Play workshop

A workshop aimed at allowing you to play, loosen up and let go of preconceived notions of what ‘art’ is.
Saturday, March 17 at 10 AM – 1 PM
Cost: Pay from the heart
Wilderness Heights
Facebook event page >>

New art

Of course I’ve been making art too. Here’s some new work, as well as a Tree Print aimed specifically at buying trees for Greenpop’s Reforestation project in Knysna >>