Stonehenge Private Reserve is introducing a sculpture/installation trail, Tankwa Artscape, to further compliment the existing events in this private reserve that adjoins to the Tankwa National Park.

Tankwa Artscape is currently accepting proposals from national and international artists to participate in this winter ‘s launch of the trail.
Starting this year in the first week of June site-specific land artists will come to Stonehenge Private Reserve to create permanent and ephemeral installations for Tankwa Artscape. The artworks are to be informed by and become part of the unique landscape of the Tankwa Karoo. The trail is open the rest of the year when the public is invited to walk and wander in this unique desert landscape that is not as far from Cape Town as it seems.

Tankwa Artscape allows for an intense and intimate encounter with artworks exposed to the elements of nature: heat, wind, sand, stone, and time. To witness how art and nature can meet and merge is now a further reason to visit the Tankwa. This special type of visitor to arid climates now also has art to enjoy.

Ephemeral and permanent land art installations (kinetic, static, sound) at Tankwa Artscape enter into a dialogue with the Tankwa Karoo landscape. Themes of shelter versus open space, nourishment versus scarcity and protection versus vulnerability start to define what is naturally happening in that landscape. The fauna, flora, geology and history of the Tankwa and its people will further inform artistic concepts.
Although the focus is on creating a space for permanent installations, additional ephemeral land art / nature art works and performances are welcome!

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