Nigeria’s Christians borrow Boko Haram tactics, destroy traditional African religious shrines and art

Mail & Guardian | Dulue Mbachu, Bloomberg:


More than 500 traditional-worship sites have been burned down, and worshippers have handed over art worth $500m to pastors.

SAMUEL Nwankwo drove past a mob in the southeastern Nigerian town of Umuoji unaware that it was heading to attack his home.

Sixteenth and 17th century artefacts made in Benin: Fundamentalist Christians and Boko Haram share a common hostility to ancient African art. (Photo/AFP).

As the chief priest of a traditional religion in the area, he’d become a target of a crowd of Christian youths who left a revival meeting where several preachers condemned the veneration of ancestral gods. They were bent on eradicating all symbols of such worship in the town of about 30,000 people…


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