Mamorena Senokwanyane & Kgalaletso Senokwanyane
9 December 2020 – 20 January

Mamorena Senokwanyane – mixed media Not for sale

We at the Underdawg strongly believe that our artwork is awe-worthy and is set apart by its uniqueness and diversity. It embodies the essence of the world all over, we have artwork that appeals to people from all walks of the world. Our mission and vision is to have our artwork seen on an international platform. We aspire through the establishment of a modern-day art museum to have our artwork seen by at least one person from each of the listed countries on the globe.

Product description
Our artwork ranges from an artistically created love letter (hand-drawn in pen) that is over 20 years old and still in its original form to a depiction of the statue of liberty using glass beads. We have crafted and continue to craft artworks that convey a kaleidoscope of different nations, backgrounds and nationalities. All our work is handmade; we have artworks that have taken up to more than 9 months to complete and those that took a day to complete. More than 95% of our artworks are made from glass beads we use the beads in three different forms namely, full glass beads, coarse glass beads and glass beads in powdered form.

Artist Bio
Mother and son handmade artwork using beads and mixed media. A hobby to an at home art gallery. During the year 2016 the now retired educator, 59-year-old Mamorena Senokwanyane, a creative by nature began this craft as a way to ease the stress from her job as an educator.
Her now 29-year-old son began to gradually gain interest the more she engaged in her craft, this compelled him to get onboard and in a dire attempt to mimic the way his mother crafted he ended up finding his own rhythm in the craft.

Kgalaletso Senokwanyane, beads and mixed media


Kgalaletso Senokwanyane – mixed media – R800


Kgalaletso Senokwanyane – mixed media -R3800


Mamorena Senokwanyane – mixed media – R6500


Mamorena Senokwanyane – mixed media Not for Sale


Mamorena Senokwanyane – mixed media Not for sale