Anna Louie Sussman: Artsy

The people in her orbit would agree that Polish art collector Grażyna Kulczyk has what psychologist Angela Duckworth calls, in her bestselling book of the same name, “grit.” Others might call it “persistence”; Kulczyk happily describes herself as “stubborn.”
Whatever the name of the quality, it has brought Kulczyk to the highest echelons of the Polish business elite, onto lists of the top collectors in the world, and, over the past few years, pushed her to drill through rock and earth to create a jewel of an art museum half-submerged in the mountainside along a riverbed running through Switzerland’s rural Engadine Valley. It even snagged her the ideal parking lot for visitors, in a little meadow belonging to a neighbor whose home abuts the museum. …Read More
Pictured: Portrait of Grażyna Kulczyk. Photo © Anush Abrar.