Paris: ‘Human zoo’ art show provokes anger

The Local:


Protesters and rights groups in Paris are calling for the banning of an art show featuring black actors in cages that mimic the “human zoos” of the 19th century. It has already been scrapped in London due to an outcry.


A picture taken on July 11, 2013, during the 67th International Theatre festival of Avignon, shows an actress performing in a play entitled “Exhibit B” by South African Brett Bailey. Photo: Franck Pe

The white South African artist Brett Bailey says his “Exhibit B”, which mimics the late 19th- and early 20th-century phenomenon of the “human zoo”, is meant to raise awareness of the racism of Europe’s colonial past.

It is due to open in the French capital later this month, but it is now raising heckles among race campaigners such as those behind a French petition to have it stopped and who see it as an “exhibition composed of degrading representations of black people.”…


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