The ArtNet News – Henri Neuendorf

Turns out you can’t escape the shackles of art history—at least not without with a power tool. A Belgian performance artist who chained himself to a four-ton block of marble symbolizing the “inescapable burden of history” had to be cut free after he failed to chisel through the block after 19 days.

Shackled at the ankle to a 10-foot chain attached to the immense Carrara stone, artist Mikes Poppe spent over two weeks in a courthouse in the Belgian town of Ostend hammering away at the slab before throwing in the towel. Throughout the duration of the performance, which was live streamed, Poppe ate, washed, and slept through his self-imposed captivity before being liberated by a workman with an angle grinder…read more 

Images – Mikes Poppe via Facebook.