Cape Town – Just over two years ago, “Pigcasso” was on the verge of being skinned and slaughtered on a hog farm.
On Friday, she headlined an art exhibition at the V&A Waterfront.
Ever since Pigcasso’s buddy Joanne Lefson came to her rescue two years ago, the duo has conquered the art world through painting. 
Pigcasso, named after renowned artist Pablo Picasso, even signs her own signatures!
And on Friday night, after making a grand entrance on a pink carpet with camera lenses focused on her, the painting piggy became the first non-human in the world to headline her own exhibition.
“OINK” at the Clock Tower square at the V&A Waterfront will run until February, before heading to London, Berlin and Amsterdam.
The creative duo aim to inspire consumers to think more consciously about the food they eat, especially meat.
Uma Mesthrie, activist Mahatma Gandi’s great-granddaughter, met Pigcasso two years ago, by chance – she had been visiting an animal sanctuary in Franschhoek where she spotted a picture of her grandfather and a quote referencing his love for animals. 
“They actually saved her and gave her a home. I’m a vegan and I’m very appreciative of any work that’s being done to draw attention on the suffering of animals. 
“I think this art exhibition is important because it shows that Pigcasso is a thinking animal, with feelings and (is) happy about painting. She actually picks up the brushes and paints herself. When we look at bacon, think of Picasso – it’s not just bacon – a lovely pig that enjoys life,” Mesthrie said. Read more