In Berlin, most of the Second World War bullet holes have been filled in, the legendary 1990s rave venues redeveloped. Rents are rising and so are block after block of
luxury apartments. Tech startups are flourishing.

Berlin is no longer “poor but sexy”, as its mayor at the time said in 2003. But with an officially estimated population of 20,000 professional artists, including
international stars such as Ai Weiwei, Olafur Eliasson and Sean Scully, the city still has the reputation of being the creative capital of the European art world. How
is that reputation shaping up to reality in today’s troubled times?
Last week, some 45 dealerships participated in the 15th edition of Gallery Weekend Berlin, a slickly organised collaboration that gives collectors and curators a sense
of the latest in the city’s art scene. Equally important, it gives galleries a chance to make some sales.

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