New auction house PRINT launched exclusively for SA Fine Art Prints

PRINT AUCTIONS.CO.ZA is a new online auction platform specialising in SA Fine Art Prints has launched today on with its Debut Sale!

Interest and investment in SA Fine Art Printmaking has grown strongly over the past few years. Last month a sale of prints by John Maufangejo  that would have been sold in the region of R 300 in the 80’s now reached prices between 20- 170k. Similarly prints by artists such as William Kentridge, John Muafangejo, Pierneef, Peter Clarke, Robert Hodgins, Bambo Sibiya and Diane Victors prints are rising in value.

New Print Auctions House makes sure they see the whole print before selling.

Print Auctions specialises in fine art prints and will go further than other Auction houses in guaranteeing that the whole print is inspected by examining the print out of its frame before its sale. Many people who buy a framed print often face disappointment that they need to spend extra cash restoring or removing a valuable print that has been stuck down on hardboard.

We get inspired by exciting Prints, not just ones by famous artists.

We live in the best time possible yet -where most South African artists have access to contributing to a growing iconography and language of printmaking. This growth is  illustrated by the explosion of new Black run Print workshops and studios.. We have a long and rich printmaking tradition, and from time to time a print comes into the Auction House/ Gallery that knocks our socks off, no one has heard of the artist, but it’s a killer of a Print, these are the moments we and our clients enjoy.

Make sure you check log on to our WWW.PRINTAUCTIONS.CO.ZA  and register to bid on some gorgeous print works.

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