Groundup | Ashleigh Furlong:

Zwelethu Mthethwa murdered Nokuphila Kumalo, a sex worker. Expert witnesses believe that Zwelethu Mthethwa, the artist convicted of the murder of Nokuphila Kumalo, a sex worker, does not need to spend time in prison. The defence’s two witnesses, clinical psychologist Martin Yodaiken and social worker Anne Cawood, testified today in the Western Cape High Court on the first day of sentencing proceedings.

Both emphasised that if sent to prison, Mthethwa would be unable to support family members and would not be able to contribute to society. The maximum non-custodial sentence is five years. The minimum sentence for murder with intent, in the form of dolus eventualis, which Mthethwa was convicted of, is 15 years. However, this can …read more

Image | Ashleigh Furlong | Zwelethu Mthethwa speaks to his lawyer William Booth during a break in proceedings