What is the real value of Ayanda Mabulu’s art? The price tag attached to the work by this controversial artist, who has created some of the most contentious paintings of President Jacob Zuma, has never been fully disclosed.

It was rumoured that Yakhal’inkomo (Black Man’s Cry), featuring Zuma crushing the head of a miner under his foot, which was banned from Commune 1’s stand at the Joburg Art Fair, sold for over a million. Some of his art is displayed with a price tag, but what are art collectors willing to pay for it?

In as little as one hour in a disused warehouse in Cape Town docks on Saturday 17 February, the art world will find out when the first bona fide contemporary art auction takes place.

It is going to be an art-world game-changer.

Art collectors, curators, critics and artists will pile into the Cruise Terminal at the V and A Waterfront, where Strauss and Company are staging their landmark event, to discover the value of this burgeoning entity dubbed contemporary art. Read more