Robert Rauschenberg: leader of American art’s ménage à trois

The guardian | Jonathan Jones:

Robert Rauschenberg’s 1954 work Untitled is an upright wooden box supported by a white, colonial-era table leg over an open stage-like enclosure in which a stuffed Dominique hen struts next to a nostalgic photograph of a tall man in a white suit. Walk around this oddly compelling array – every surface of which is covered in old pictures, newsprint and smeared paint – and you find a pair of shoes, painted white. Do they belong to the man in the portrait? Who was he? Why does this constellation of stuff trigger such an undeniable, unforgettable sense of mystery?… Read more

Image: Generous, big-hearted and political … Rauschenberg in front of his picture of President Kennedy. Photograph: Burton Berinsky/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image