The collection of the film star Robin Williams, who died by suicide in 2014, and his second wife, Marsha, goes under the hammer in New York this week. Along with his Golden Globe awards, rare books, toy soldiers and watches is an interesting art collection which indicates the couple’s fondness for outsider and irreverent street art. The two would buy art for each other as presents.

Marsha, a film producer and painter, introduced her husband to outsider art.  A painting by the self-taught, mentally disturbed Adolf Wölfli which she bought for him could set a record for the artist at over $200,000 dollars.

Later, when the Banksy wave hit Los Angeles in 2006 (remember all the press about Angelina Jolie buying Banksy?) Marsha bought him a painting of military helicopters in Vietnam wearing pink bow ties in a bright, sunny sky. She knew he would like Happy Choppers because of his lifelong fondness for toy soldiers. Read more