In Russia, a search for the nation’s best contemporary art

The Washington Post | Andrew Roth:

Most things in Mikhail Smaglyuk’s basement workshop whir, spin, buzz or hum, from the Soviet-era Magnetophon tape recorder mounted to the wall to the handmade gizmos seemingly tailor-made as punchlines for Smaglyuk’s endless string of one-liners. Zhorik, his parrot, clucks by the doorway.

“This one’s about money — easy come, easy go,” Smaglyuk said, pulling on a miniature money sack with wings hanging on a string from the ceiling… Read more

Image: Ekaterina Inozemtseva, a curator at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, tries on “Diamonds in the Sky” at Mikhail Smaglyuk’s workshop in Krasnodar, a regional capital 750 miles south of Moscow. (Andrew Roth/The Washington Post)