Times Live | Dale Hes:


In October 1981 farm labourer Nukain Mabuza was buried at the Emjindini cemetery in Barberton, Mpumalanga, in a grave with only a reference number.

But now, the life story of this talented but little recognised painter is heading for Broadway after capturing the attention of Athol Fugard.

“In 2009 I made an attempt to tell Nukain’s story, exploring the world of an artist with the focus on the individual,” said Fugard. File photo. Image by: Esa Alexander

Mabuza’s most striking work was his painted garden at his home on Revolver Creek farm, near Barberton. In the 1970s he painted all the rocks on a koppie at the farm in a vivid array of colours and designs.

Some years ago Fugard, 82, South Africa’s most famous playwright, fell in love with the story of the farm labourer who devoted all his spare time to painting…


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