SA Print Gallery opens new satellite Gallery in Prince Albert

The SA Print Gallery is to launch its first satellite Gallery The SA Print Gallery: Prince Albert this Friday 17 April at 6.30pm.

After 5 amazingly successful years we have decided to duplicate the blueprint of the Woodstock SA Print Gallery that stock not just the best SA artists- printmakers- but glorify the rich and beautiful language of a 100 years of South African Printmaking.



The Gallery’s founder, Gabriel Clark-Brown, says: “When we started SAPG we were told by some of the leading auction houses, and art galleries that there is no money in prints, well, surprise surprise, our SA Fine art prints are the best investment you can make, the SA fine art print market to date is way undervalued, and also our provenance prints investment value usually rise more than paintings. If you do the math’s- if you had R 100K to buy 1 painting whose value may not cut the 10% inflation versus R 10K x 10 quality provenance prints by leading SA artists- that rise between 10-15 % per year- it beats putting your eggs in one risky basket, – as well as overall yields more income at the end of the day. Also prints made by SA artists are so amazing and unique the world over- there is only 1 Battiss, or John Muafangejo, let alone Kentridge”.

Our new SA Print Gallery is housed in the famous Prince Albert Art Gallery, Main Road, Prince Albert.

To view some of our great SA Artists -Printmakers see www.printgallery.co.za

Email: Kevin at kevin@printgallery.co.za