Paul Senyol has been exhibiting with Salon91 gallery for over ten years. Recollectionary is a solo exhibition that looks back at this history while continuing to reflect Senyol’s experimental approach to painting.

Some of the works are, what the artist considers, literal reinterpretations of older works where colours, forms and shapes inform the creation and progression of a new work. This process has afforded Senyol the ability to assimilate what he calls the ‘visual information floating around his head.’ His works continue to be peppered with personal moments in both the act of painting, where some marks are rendered invisible as the painting progresses, and in the choice of visual and literary references for titling.


In an interview conducted for his catalogue for the show, Natasha Norman makes the observation:

NN: If I look at your early works, where the action is all contained in the centre of the picture, it’s as if we’ve zoomed in to where the action is and it’s erupted into a three dimensional space, because the darkness as a plane pushes these pastel colours really far forward. Where in some works there’s a feeling of looking at a close up, we’ve really entered a three dimensional space with this new work. It puts your layering into a different relationship. In some works there’s a sense that you’re working with collage, with objects on a single plane. This new work feels more sculptural, like all these elements are siting on different visual planes at different depths. It’s more theatrical.

PS: Yes. I like that one.

To read the full interview text, please follow the link to the Salon Ninety One website.


Please join us for the opening of this special exhibition on Wednesday the 19th of September from 18h30 onwards. 91 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001. Should you wish to receive a preview catalogue of Paul Senyol’s upcoming exhibition, please send us an email and we will be sure to add your name to the client list. As part of the opening of Recollectionary, the artist is giving away 25 out of 100 limited edition fold out booklets commemorating 10 years of Paul Senyol and Salon Ninety One. The editions are all signed and numbered by the artist. Each copy is entered into a draw where you stand a chance to win a limited VE ‘Recurrent’ screenprint. The booklets will also be on sale during the evening for R230 inclusive of VAT.
For any enquiries, please contact the gallery on 021-424-6930