See 11 Great Selfies With Maurizio Catellan’s 18-Karat Gold Toilet

artnet News | Rain Embuscado:

On Friday, September 16, artist Maurizio Cattelan officially emerged from his self-imposed retirement with the installment of his 18-karat gold toilet in the Guggenheim Museum. The participatory project, titled America, has taken up residence in a restroom on the fifth floor ramp. Needless to say, selfies have been abundant since the shiny new spectacle debuted. “In a gallery environment where visitors are usually told, ‘don’t touch,’ this is an extraordinary opportunity to spend time completely alone with a work of art,” the Guggenheim touted in an Instagram post… Read more

Image: Maurizio Cattelan America (2016). Photo by Kris Mckay/The Peggy Guggenheim Collection via Facebook