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Sick of Immersive Van Gogh Already? Three Separate Companies Are Launching Competing Immersive Monet Experiences

The immersive art gold rush enters its Impressionist phase.

Get ready for the Claude Monet experience. Or rather, the Claude Monet experiences.

Not one, not two, but three separate traveling immersive exhibitions based on the famed Impressionist’s paintings are currently gearing up—and one could be headed to a city near you.

Technically, the trend of turning famous art into walk-in light shows is nothing new: Van Gogh-themed shows of this nature date to 2008, and Cross Media Group staged the “Monet Experience” in Florence in 2017. Still, buoyed by the appearance of a Starry Night light show in the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris, 2021 so far has been the year of Van Gogh, with five distinct Van Gogh pop-ups competing in close to 50 spaces across the U.S., last time we counted.