The platform, part of the auction house’s ongoing bid to corner the blue-chip NFT market, kicks off with works from 13 high-profile artists.

Sotheby’s has added a secondary marketplace to its Web3-focused venture Sotheby’s Metaverse.

The auction house has aggressively courted the NFT space since early 2021, positioning itself as the go-to place to sell and collect blue-chip digital work. Sotheby’s has hosted landmark NFT sales of solo artists, such as Pak; curated group shows, most recently a survey of contemporary glitch art; and flogged collections, including the upcoming sale of NFTs from the bankrupt hedge fund Three Arrows Capital.

And it’s working. To date, Sotheby’s has generated north of $100 million in NFT sales.

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Sotheby’s Has Launched a Secondary Marketplace for NFTs, Allowing Artists to Sell Digital Works Directly to Collectors