Last year was a bumper year for South African design, and nowhere is this clearer than at the Design Indaba 2018’s Most Beautiful Object In South Africa (MBOISA) awards — the biggest prize on the creative calendar.

Industry experts, and even some political voices, have come together to nominate 10 of their favourite projects of the year. They range from Tsonga-inspired lampshades, same-love graphic prints, performance art, sculpture, accessories, furniture, jewellery, corporate identities and fine art installations. “Each year, Design Indaba engages South Africans with the question of what constitutes beauty. While some may think of beauty as an aspect of personal taste, and others know it on sight, beauty becomes far more profound when attributes such as cultural significance, sustainability, artisanal craft, usability or even a sense humour are thrown into the mix,” Design Indaba says on its website. The process now moves into a public voting round. The 10 nominations will be on display at the Artscape Theatre Centre in a dedicated exhibition for festival-goers. The exhibition will be open to the public, free, on Wednesday February 21. The winners will be announced at the end of February, at a party held on the last day of the Design Indaba conference. Read more