This Year’s World Monuments Watch List Names At-Risk Sites – The World Monuments Fund has named 25 cultural heritage sites across 30 countries that are threatened by conflict, climate change, or other dangers. They include storm-damaged areas in the Caribbean and Mexico as well as the souq in Aleppo, Syria, which has suffered during the ongoing civil war. (ARTnews)

Radical Russian Performance Artist Torches Bank – Police have taken Pyotr Pavlensky—the exiled artist known for his acts of “creative dissent” who has had asylum in France since May—into custody alongside his partner Oksana Shalygina for setting fire to the outside of a Banque de France branch in Paris. (AFP)

Psychic Must Pony Up For Dalí Exhumation – After DNA tests definitively revealed that Salvador Dalí was not the father of tarot card reader Pilar Abel, a Madrid court dismissed her paternity suit once and for all—and ruled that she must foot the bill for the exhumation. The total cost has not been calculated, but one imagines digging up the world’s most famous Surrealist doesn’t come cheap. (AFP)

Gallery Responds to Community Protests Over Omer Fast Show – Locals protesting the artist’s installation, a caricature of a dingy Chinatown business, are calling it racist “poverty porn.” Now, James Cohan Gallery has released a statement stating that “we support the right of free speech by the protesters” but “oppose censorship.” (DNA info) Read more