Stephan Welz & Co. Live Summer Auction: 23rd, 24th & 25th February

Experimentation with form, line and colour characterises the Modernist movement as a period of innovation and excitement, and the upcoming Stephan Welz & Co. Cape Town auction boasts a wonderful selection of Modernist art and design pieces. A viewing will precede the auction, taking place from 18th—21st February, where you can view the collection. Contact or + 27 21 794 6461 to make your appointment.


A.R. Penck, Lücke Nr 1 Energetik

The incorporation of bright colours and a more spontaneous use of mark making, and format, is typical of Neo-expressionism, a late-modernist style characterised by expressive brushwork and a brutish approach. The movement was a direct reaction against the preceding art movements of Minimalism and Conceptualism, which distanced the artist’s hand from the artwork, and is brilliantly captured in A.R. Penck’s Lücke Nr 1 Energetik (lot 367).


The Bibendum Chair

At the forefront of Modernist design, Eileen Gray presented unconventional furniture pieces that were fluid in form yet architectural in their approach. The Bibendum Chair (lot 332), most notable for its tubular design and industrial-inspired materials, captures the Modernist affinity towards modern industrial life and the experience and values thereof. This piece is a fitting tribute to Gray’s contribution to the clean lines and simplicity that would later define the Modernist furniture movement.


Georg Jensen rings

The Modernist move towards suggestive yet simplified forms informed many disciplines and practices, including that of jewellery design. Modernist jewellers drew inspiration from burgeoning artistic movements, often prioritising the visual impact and craftsmanship of the piece. Lot 489, 490 & 491 illustrate the abandonment of rigid lines and strict linearity in favour of sculptural forms, where the material of the piece plays a large role in how it is perceived.

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