Naomi Larsson: The Guardian

Jim Bachor makes street art – quite literally.

For the last few years the 52-year-old has been making art out of the blight on our roads.

Inspired to make mosiacs after a trip to Italy in the late 90s, Bachor has become “the pothole guy”, decorating holes in streets with colourful designs ranging from chickens to Aretha Franklin’s face.

He made his first pothole mosaic in 2013, just outside his home in Chicago. “The potholes in our street were particularly bad,” he says. “I put two and two together. I had this unsolvable problem outside of our house, and 100 yards away in my studio I have this passion for an art form that is so durable.” …Read More

Pictured: Aretha Franklin in pothole art. Photograph: Jim Bachor