Cheryl Kahla: The South African

A local South African artist is pushing boundaries, fresh from headlining her first international art exhibition, ‘OINK’ at the Waterfront in Cape Town this diva artist is taking the world by storm.

Pigcasso has become the first artist from Africa to design a watch for the iconic timepiece manufacturer, Swatch and she’s not even human.

Swatch has launched the watch on 5 February to coincide with the Chinese New Year, or Year of the Pig. The watch showcases Pigcasso’s signature abstract expressionist design on the band and watch face.

The 750kg artist has shot fame, with her art sales already approaching R2m. Like all artists, there’s more to the story to this industrious painter. Was it not for the intervention of Joanne Lefson, Pigcasso would have been headed for the slaughter. …Read More

Pictured: Pigcasso at work