Mail & Guardian | Milisuthando Bongela:

Tabita Rezaire gives warm, sincere hugs. She’s a head taller than my 1.60m and is not bothered by my pyjamas and slippers when I visit her apartment for the interview just before 8pm on a Tuesday. We live in the same building overlooking Johannesburg on the Yeoville ridge.

When I was last in her apartment in February, I was wearing a fishnet body stocking and a brown faux fur coat I had bought off the back of Jamal Nxedlana of CUSS and now Bubblegum Club fame when he used to live in this very building. It was to a party Rezaire cohosted called the “Cunty Party” – a housewarming/birthday celebration with Thato Ramaisa aka Fela Gucci, one half of performance art duo FAKA whose provocative work is currently snatching edges in edgy art scenes on the internet and in real-life Africa, America and Europe… Read more

Image: Stills of artist Tabita Rezaire’s video work which adds health, technology and spirituality to the popular narratives of intersectional politics