Tens of thousands of years old but also contemporary, Indigenous art is thriving

The Guardian:


Aboriginal-owned art centres have been the key to developing the booming Indigenous art sector, writes IndigenousX host Franchesca Cubillo

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art is thriving. It is dynamic, rich and prolific. 

Franchesca Cubillo (centre) hosts IndigenousX this week. Photograph: Julia Loersch/Supplied 

Lovely sculptural pieces, rich paintings on bark, acrylic paint on canvas, fabrics – it is tens of thousands of years old but also contemporary.

The stories are still strong and our ancestors are still teaching. And there is an art market that is appreciating the beautiful and diverse artwork that we have as part of our heritage. As an Aboriginal person who has seen the development of the culture and the art over the last 40 years, I’m incredibly excited by the state of the industry…


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