Disabled World | Obie Oberholzer:

…”Disabled means broken, but I am not broken, I am ‘differently-abled’ and I just do and see things differently”… Using the APP called Sketchbook Pro 1 for iPad, Julius can now draw his art works using the touch screen Stylus pen on his iPad. These illustrations are not Photo-shopped ready-made stencils or computer generated art, these art works are drawn and designed from a blank screen. They spring from a mighty heart that feeds a unique mind. They are laments from the soul. They project and express the thoughts of a man who is shackled in the physical outer, handicapped by the lack of every motor movement except a small tilt of the head. They are laborious in their execution, taking hours to complete, but on completion they move mountains in the mind of the creator… Read more

Image: Julius van der Wat making his art. Photo: Obie Oberholzer