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A few years ago when the SMAC gallery first launched itself in Cape Town, both Max Wolpe and I were invited to the opening. When Wolpe arrived to collect me, my heart sank. I knew this would be a ritzy occasion, and he pitched up in his usual attire with a dirty white shirt billowing out of his un-ironed, deeply creased and paint bespattered jeans. ‘Max!’ I implored him. ‘This will be a smart dressy bash so won’t you please, please, make just one little, teensy weensy concession for Lloydie, and tuck your shirt in?’

‘No,’ he said vehemently with a scowl.

When I asked why, he promptly replied, ‘I’m a rebel!’ with such decisive finality it precluded any further discussion. However, he did have the grace to zip up his fly when I pointed out that it was undone. Read more