My Portrait has Different Colours. Thembalethu Manqunyana.

On 30 September at 11am Thembalethu Manqunyana will be giving a Performance while exhibiting his large oil paintings and prints. Venue: Mok Gallery at Muratie Estate.
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Thembalethu’s work boasts a crude appearance. Fuelled by lived experience, he is very spiritual and paints from the heart.

Thembalethu skilfully and purposefully brought together a host of disparate traditions, practices and styles to create a unique visual narrative. The artist exemplifies how emerging African artists today reintroduce the human faces and human figures in their work after the wide success of modern conceptualism.

Inspired by abstract expressionism and cubism, Picasso and Jean Michel Basquiat, he went on to coin the term free form art to describe his style.

Manqunyana studied art, sculpture, graphic design and visual culture  at the NMMW as well as a BA political Science at Rhodes University. He is currently a student in Performance Art at NMMU.

The exhibition, MY PORTRAIT HAS DIFFERENT COLOURS, focuses on an all-inclusive country bound by total acceptance. Thembalethu will be giving a performance involving the audience, a very special and spiritual experience. Large oil paintings and prints will be exhibited until 25 October. Join us for this memorable experience on Sunday 30 September 2018 at 11am.