Andre van Vuuren.The Dancer_ oil on linen 130 x 180













Exhibition by Andre van Vuuren
RK Contemporary, Riebeek Kasteel

Trace the evolution of dynamic figures and abstract images over fifty years of creative expression.
8 – 29 March 2020

Ravelling the threads: From early works dashed onto paper, to impressive canvases layered in vibrant colour, each brush or blade stroke strikes fire from the surface in an explosion of expressive imagery.

Follow on through decades of visual experimentation and witness the arrival, development and discard of subconscious characters and reflections captured in impulsive, energetic line and colour.

Find and trace the recurrent shapes and scenes that echo across the collection, the heartbeats that vitalise this body of work.
Our turbulent global history since World War ll has had its effect on the outpourings of art from this one individual’s innermost feelings. Experience the emotional turmoil that finds its escape into a lasting record of tempestuous painting.
This is a unique autobiography of the artist as a young and as a mature man, seen through all the stages of his life and artistic growth. Each work captures a moment in time and displays the feelings and emotions churning in his soul for all to see.

It is very rare that the entire history of a significant artist has been assembled in one place to present a complete life’s visual replay of half a century of painting.
More than an exhibition, this is a time capsule that contains the essence of André van Vuuren’s growth and flourishing as an internationally recognised and respected expressionist.

All enquiries: Astrid McLeod
Tel +27 (0)83 653 3697

Andre van Vuuren. Variation on a landscape theme | oil on paper 70x100cm


Andre van Vuuren. Theatre | oil on Belgian linen 130x180cms


Andre van Vuuren. Three accusers | oil on linen 130x180cms


Andre van Vuuren. Witnesses | oil on linen 130x180cms


Andre van Vuuren