In this project answers sought to questions of weather nature designed human skin with the same method it used for the skin patterns of many living things, and if those patterns diversify by geographic and ethnic conditions, what kind of results may we encounter? and weather the algorithm of the humanoid appearance and countenance can be defined?. Ethno-futuristic and diverse visual culture designed for human-being that is seeking an identity for its presence in digital life, at the beginning of its evolution in the digital world.
The reaction-diffusion algorithm borrowed from nature and simulated over the humanoid body form and the patterns produced. The growth processes of the patterns were art-directed. The results that merge the beauty and aesthetics of art with the phenomenal findings of science, observed. The ethnic diversity that changes over the continents reflected on patterns, as a cultural determinant. The results of how the reaction-diffusion algorithm would design and diversify the humanoid appearance, experienced. As a result; ethno-futuristic and tribal animations that vary on three different continents, South America, South Africa and East Asia, presented.

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