Bianca Oosthuyse. ri:-pǝ’-zɪ-ʃ-(ǝ)n (2018). Tissue paper and archival black ink. 30cm x 180cm.

Claudi Kriel, Catching Waves. Digital print (2018)
Deidré Marshall, ‘Luminous Physicality’. 1150mm x 1050mm x 100mm

 Elske Henderson, “Wrecking Mars” (2018). Mortar, mixed media and chain, 80 x 63 x 55cm.

Erika Suter, “Balance Remaining” (2018). Office desks and drawers, red stamp pad ink, bread, second-hand MontBlanc Meisterstückpen, video, sound composition, 300 x 200 x 155 cm.

Estee’ Hanekom “Regraft Torso” (2018). Clay, wood fragment and beeswax. 

Ilse Du Plooy, “Material Girl iii”, digital altered collage



Katja Abbott, “Forest” (2018). Installation view. 

Ryan Siems, “Myself & (eye)”, video still, 1920 x 900, video animation

Simon Pienaar, “The Map is not the Terrortry”, 420 x 594mm, Ink illustration and digital print on Strathmore