The usual suspects: Political art gains public attention

CITYBUZZ | Racine Edwardes:

When it comes to political art, there are the few usual suspects who get the country talking. There have been a couple of occasions that remain in the memories of South Africans when our political leaders have been called out – not verbally, but through various pieces of art. Currently, Ayanda Mabulu is the centre of attention for his latest work depicting President Jacob Zuma being intimate with, and more specifically, licking the rear end of Atul Gupta of the infamous Gupta family. Mabulu, who feels that his work on display at Constitution Hill is accurate in describing how the ANC and Jacob Zuma are ‘molesting’ the country, is not a first-time offender… Read more

Image: IN THE SPOTLIGHT: President Jacob Zuma is depicted taking advantage of the justice system by artist, Zapiro