Van Gogh’s lost drawings: does anyone care in post-truth world?

The guardian | Jonathan Jones:

“Post-truth” is on everyone’s lips when it comes to politics in the age of Trump and Brexit – it’s the word of the year, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Are we also entering the age of post-truth art? Fakes are getting better and better. They are so good they may be entering the bloodstream of art. Sotheby’s recently had to recall a portrait supposedly by Frans Hals that had sold for £8.5m; the same forgery ring is suspected of creating fake paintings falsely attributed to Orazio Gentileschi and Cranach. It feels like the tip of an iceberg… Read more

Image: Fake or fortune? Field of Sunflowers, August–September 1889, Saint-Rémy. Photograph: Éditions du Seuil