Verging Thresholds at Eclectica Design & Art

Verging Thresholds | Group Exhibition:

02 February till 19 April 2017

at Eclectica Design & Art, 179 Buitengracht St, Gardens, Cape Town

I am very excited to announce that I will be taking part in a new group show entitled Verging Thresholds at Eclectica Design and Art, opening this upcoming First Thursday on the 2nd of February.

Over the past four years I have been developing an interesting but challenging art process using Plexiglas, canvas, oil paint, and glass stain. This upcoming exhibition will feature the next evolution of this process. With these mixed-media paintings, I have attempted to encapsulate the show’s theme of verging thresholds: “moving from one state of being to another”.

Each of the four works on display are made of two separate images that approach each other, but don’t physically connect, thus creating an area in-between. This middle space produces a “third” ephemeral image that transforms the two flat image-planes into a three dimensional object (represented by the use of cloth as a third medium). The use of this material captures an intangible image that is held in a shifting space between two verging thresholds.

I am very excited to exhibit these works alongside the great artworks of the other artists that form part of Verging Thresholds: Anthony Evans, Lars Fischedick, Sue Greeff, Aleta Michelatos, and Mark Rautenbach.

“Looking forward to seeing you there!” – Christopher Denovan

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Image: Chris Denovan, Enclosed Scope. 2017. Oil, glass stain and cloth, on Plexiglas and canvas – 180cm x 116cm x 5,5cm