Visitors flocked to an exhibition of work by Amedeo Modigliani in Genoa, Italy, last year—but now that an expert has concluded that many of the works on view were fake, some of them want their money back. An Italian consumer group plans to file a class action lawsuit to secure a full refund for visitors to the show.

The suit will also seek compensation for the 100,000 attendees’ travel expenses, according to the Times of London. A hotline has even been set up for dissatisfied visitors, the Associated Press reports. Tickets to the show, titled simply “Modigliani,” were priced at €13 ($15.67).

Neither the National Association for Protection of Consumers nor consumer advocate Furio Truzzi, who is leading the refund effort, responded to emails or phone messages seeking comment.

The Genova Palazzo Ducale opened the exhibition in March, but was forced to shut it down three days early in July, after a local prosecutor ordered the seizure of 21 works suspected to be forgeries.

“When a painting is a fake, it is missing its soul, and these were missing that three dimensional elegance of Modigliani—even a child could see these were crude fakes,” the collector Carlo Pepi, who first raised suspicions about the works, told the Telegraph at the time. “I thought, poor Modigliani, to attribute to him these ugly abominations.” Read more