Westwood’s Son Will Burn $7 Mil Punk Collection To Spite the Queen

artnet news | Hili Perlson:

The year 2016 will go down in the annals of music history as the moment when punk finally and ultimately died, and—like in a scene straight out of a Claire Bishop essay—the official cause of death will be the political instrumentalization of that fuzzy thing called “culture.” Joseph Corré, son of queen of punk Vivienne Westwood and Sex Pistols impresario Malcolm McLaren, announced yesterday that he will set fire to his entire collection of punk memorabilia, estimated to be worth about £5 million ($7.1 million)… Read more 

Image:  A visitor looks on January 20, 2011 at a poster of British band Sex Pistols during the opening of the “Europunk” exhibition at the Villa Medici, headquarters of the French Academy, in Rome: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images