Walk a fine line in the Karoo

Mail & Guardian | Hilary Prendini Toffoli:


South Africa now has its own impressive geoglyph, a ­monumental land ­artwork in the tradition of Peru’s ­mysterious Nazca lines. 

Since time immemorial ancient cultures have carved vast, mystifying designs on the Earth’s surface. Messages to the gods? Astronomical calendars? 

Laborious process: From a drawing on paper to lime dots on the veld, the Snake Eagle Thinking Path was meticulously brought to life. 

Landing sites for extraterrestrial visitors? These are geoglyphs, large designs on the ground made from durable materials such as soil and stones.

You find them across the globe, from South America – where Chile’s Atacama Giant lies 119m tall against a barren hillside and the Nazca animal figures that cover 450km2 of Peruvian desert – to Kazakhstan, where Google recently discovered 50 geometrical geoglyphs, including swastikas…


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