If you’re visiting New York’s Drawing Center this month, come hungry. For his current show, Argentinian artist Eduardo Navarro is cooking up some artful eats. His latest series of drawings, inspired by quantum physics, is entirely edible, and if you stop by at the right time, he’ll fix you a few, served up in a piping hot cup of vegetable soup.

“It’s about the idea of consuming images—not destroying them but consuming them in your own metabolism so there’s no distance between the art and the observer. They become one,” Navarro told artnet News at the show’s opening reception while stirring a giant vat of soup over a hot plate in the middle of the gallery.

This isn’t the first time Navarro has combined his kitchen and his art studio. He explored the edible drawing concept in November in Basel at Der Tank at the Institut Kunst, and in February at ARCO Madrid, at the booth for his gallery, Nara Roesler. Read more