Artnet: Javier Pes

London’s major art museums have seen a significant fall in visitor numbers over the past three years despite free entry to permanent collections, late night openings, and special events—not to mention an embarrassment of exhibition riches that have been marketed to the hilt, including Modigliani at Tate Modern, Delacroix and Michelangelo at the National Gallery, and Scythian gold at the British Museum.

Terrorist attacks in the capital and ongoing transport woes on London’s rail network have been blamed, and this year’s long hot summer will not have helped reverse a trend that is on course to see numbers fall to around 2012 levels. New research suggest that the post-Olympic boom appears to be over for London. After the gain, art museums are feeling the pain, some more than others. …Read More

Pictured: National Gallery, London | Copyright the gallery.