Why is African art so popular in the UK?

The South African | Mareike Pietzsch:


Giles Peppiatt, Director of the South African Art Department of Bonhams, addressed the question of why there has been such a huge global rise in value of South African art in recent years at the Irma Stern Museum in Cape Town


Recently, Giles Peppiatt spoke about the explosion of value in South African art to a group of 22 arts journalists at the Irma Stern Museum in February.

“What we continue to see is a new ‘Scramble for Africa’. It’s no longer for land, gold or diamonds but for art. I say this advisedly as I stand here at the Irma Stern Museum, almost in the shadow of Cecil John Rhodes, who led another scramble for Africa. The scramble I am talking about, is a rather different kind of tussle, one that is making art a viable occupation for artists across Africa, bringing hope to communities in many of its 54 nations…


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