Dayla Alberge: The Guardian

Lucian Freud was one of Britain’s most significant artists, responsible for some of the most coveted paintings of the 20th century. But the process of sitting for a portrait by him was no easy business, according to the man who acted as Freud’s dealer for almost 20 years.

For one thing, not everyone made the cut. “He had to like something about the person before he would work with them. Plenty of people he turned down,” Bill Acquavella said.

One of those unlucky people was Andrew Lloyd Webber, who was rejected despite Freud being a fan of his music. “Obviously successful, he was willing to pay a handsome price … I call up Lucian: ‘This is great, he wants to do this.’ He just says to me, ‘His face is too soft’,” Acquavella said. …Read More

Image: Lucian Freud, 1982. Photograph: Jane Bown/The Observer