In a world of fear and loathing, we need art more than ever

The guardian | Michele Hanson:

This has been a grisly week, and the future looks rather a mess, so as light relief I’d like to report on something uplifting and beautiful I saw in London last week – an exhibition by artists working with the charity Intoart of ceramics, prints and paintings. It included a stunning 48-piece tiled frieze by Mawuena Kattah, full of energy, colour, wit, and all about who and what she loves. I stood gazing at it and listening to how she had done it – a very complex procedure using photos, stencils, transfers, tracings, ceramic tiles, firings, paintings and slips, and all the more adventurous because she’d never done ceramics before, and has a learning disability, like all of Intoart’s artists… Read more

Image: Mawuena Kattah’s 48-piece tiled frieze Photograph: Josef Konczak/Mawuena Kattah/Intoart