World’s Largest Private Rembrandt Collection on View at Louvre

artnet News | Laura van Straaten:

Outside a tiny circle of dealers in Dutch Masters and the people who curate in that field, few in the larger art world have known much about the collecting and lending proclivities of an art savvy New York-born billionaire businessman and his Israeli-American wife. Until now.

“It’s like our coming out party,” said Thomas S. Kaplan, who revealed this week that he and his wife Daphne Recanati Kaplan have amassed in just 14 years more than 250 portraits, history paintings and genre scenes by five generations of Dutch Masters, including a Vermeer and 13 works by Rembrandt. During a frenzied five-year period, they were acquiring a Dutch Master every week… Read more

Image: Thomas Kaplan (L), and Louvre curator Blaise Ducos. Photo Laura van Straaten